Bigg Boss 17: Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi draws similarities between the Bigg Boss house and her own home

Firoza Khan, a rapper and writer known as Khanzaadi, made her highly anticipated debut in the Bigg Boss 17 house. The talented artist is currently making waves on the reality show and was also a part of MTV Hustle 2022. In an exclusive interview with India Forums, she delves into her exciting journey on the renowned reality show and much more.

How did you feel about the opportunity?

I must admit my reaction was normal. I wasn’t particularly excited because this experience felt oddly familiar to me. Back at home, living with my family, it often felt like I was in the middle of a Bigg Boss scenario, so there wasn’t anything new for me.

Have you been following previous seasons of Bigg Boss? Any favorite contestant?

Certainly, I haven’t watched many seasons. The one that really caught my attention was the most recent, Bigg Boss 16. What made it special was my connection to Abdu, a fellow member from my management, and, of course, the presence of MC Stan.

Some contestants enter the show with pre-existing bonds. Do you think this might put you at a disadvantage?

Yes, I share the same concern. I’m an unfamiliar face to them; they are strangers to me. My previous experience in reality shows is quite limited, with just one stint on MTV Hustle in 2022. I doubt they know much about me, but I’ll make it a priority to form friendships.

Have you made any preparations for what lies ahead in the Bigg Boss house?

I’d say I’m fairly prepared, as I plan to approach this experience with a sense of fun. It won’t be something I take too seriously. My strategy is to bring laughter and hold everyone accountable for their actions. I won’t engage in any intense conflicts. I’m more like silly and humorous personality, a bit like a Gemini – my moods can change just like the weather.

Will this platform give your career a significant boost?

Absolutely! I see this as a golden opportunity to interact with Salman Khan. We even share the same last name, and throughout my life, people have often inquired whether I had any relation to the famous Salman Khan. This always filled me with pride, and now, he’ll be right in front of me. It’s a huge moment for me.

Besides winning the show, do you have any specific goals you want to achieve?

My primary goal is to win the affection and support of the audience. Love is something I’ve been lacking in my life, especially since I left my family. At the moment, I don’t have anyone to call family. So, my aim is to build my own family, and my fans will be an integral part of it. Winning the trophy is not the be-all and end-all for me. If fate has it in store for me, I’ll earn it, and if not, that’s perfectly fine, too.

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