Aayush Sharma starrer Ruslaan gets its release date

The first poster of Aayush Sharma starrer Ruslaan already had set quite a bit of anticipation among his fans. The film is expected to showcase the evolution of Aayush from a romantic heartthrob to a dynamic action hero and a recently released poster serves as a thrilling sneak peek into his new avatar. Also starring Jagapathi Babu and Vidya Malavade in pivotal roles, the film is expected to release in January next year.

Speaking of the poster, it features Aayush’s visage and has incorporated a guitar representing the love and passion his character has for music as it morphs into a gun, showcasing his action packed spy avatar that will feature in the film. For the ones who have got a sneak peek into the teaser, it surely portrays these glimpses quite evidently giving fans an entry into the world of Ruslaan.

On the other hand, we hear that the image also aims at encapsulating the evolution of Aayush’s characters in his career. Sources close to the film revealed that the guitar is a reminiscent of Aayush’s romantic roots which metamorphoses into a weapon, symbolizing his newfound passion in the action genre after Antim. Speaking about the film, Aayush Sharma said, “As an actor, I’ve strived to embrace change, challenge my own limits, and carve a new path. Ruslaan is not just a film for me; it’s about shifting gears and experimenting. It’s about breaking the mould, and I hope it inspires others to push their boundaries, just as I have pushed mine, and emerge stronger, fiercer, and ever more passionate about their work.”

“As a director, my canvas is the screen, and every frame is a stroke of storytelling. I paint emotions, dreams, and realities, weaving them into a tapestry of cinematic magic. With each project, I aim to ignite the audience’s imagination and stir their souls, creating an indelible connection that transcends the boundaries of the screen.” Continued director Karan L Butani.

Producer K.K Radhamohan went on to add, “As a producer, my role is to breathe life into stories, to provide the canvas upon which creativity flourishes, and to bring dreams to fruition. I’m not just funding projects; I’m investing in the dreams and visions of talented individuals who have the power to change the world one frame at a time. It’s the alchemy of art and commerce that fuels the heartbeat of the entertainment industry,”

Marking the debut of Sushrii as the leading lady alongside Aayush Sharma, Ruslaan is slated for release on January 12, right before the occasion of Makar Sankranti on January 14.

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