After ‘Bigg Boss 17’, Abhishek Kumar and Manara Chopra to share screen space for a new project

Bigg Boss 17 may be over, but the excitement around its contestants continues. The latest news buzzing in the media is that Abhishek Kumar and Manara Chopra, among the top 3 contestants in the show, will collaborate on a new project.

During their time on Bigg Boss, Abhishek and Manara formed a close bond, and their connection seems to extend beyond the reality show. The duo is working on a music video together, and the shoot has taken place in Punjab. Pictures from the set have quickly become viral, creating a buzz among their fans.

The images capture candid moments of Abhishek and Manara conversing at a picturesque location in Chandigarh. One particular photo shows Manara in Abhishek’s arms, hinting at the chemistry they bring to the music video. It’s worth mentioning that the shoot is taking place in Chandigarh, as indicated by the images circulating on social media.

In essence, Abhishek Kumar and Manara Chopra are teaming up for a new song, and their fans can’t wait to see the magic they create on screen in this exciting collaboration.

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