Aneri Vajani..”It Took Me 3-4 hours daily to look like a Tigress for my character”

Baghin, a new mystical revenge thriller starring actor Aneri Vajani as a tigress on the hunt is set to entertain viewers on Indian OTT from 8th February onwards. Joining Aneri is a stellar cast of Zeeshan Khan, Ansh Bagri and Krrip Kapur Suri in this revenge saga. ‘Baghin’ will stream exclusively on Atrangii OTT exclusively from February 8th.

‘Baghin’ is an intense battle between MAN and BEAST, a concept yet unexplored on Indian OTT. The story revolves around the character of ‘Gauri’ played by Aneri Vajani who is a simple girl in love with Veer (Zeeshan Khan) but due to unforeseen circumstances has to get married to Veer’s brother Deva (Ansh Bagri). Some unfateful event leads her to getting possessed by the spirit of a tigress (Baghin), who embarks on a vengeful journey against those responsible for her demise. This supernatural vendetta narrative promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of thriller and drama.

Aneri Vajani on her experience working on the show,”I cannot contain my excitement on the launch of Baghin. Presenting my first dual character challenge, where I transform from an innocent girl to a vengeful tigress. Getting into the look of a tigress was an intense and cumbersome 3-4 hour process! On top of that we were filming in real locations and filming in extreme conditions added to the challenge of the experience. This role marks my foray into filming action for a show, a truly life-changing journey into the supernatural and mystical. I am sure audience will be shocked to see me in such fierce avatar on screen. Working alongside such a talented crew and cast has been absolutely incredible. Eagerly awaiting the audience’s reaction to my wild avatar as Baghin.”

Vibhu Agarwal, Founder of Atrangii OTT said on the launch of Baghin, “This show is a testament to our commitment to present unique and engaging content to our viewers. 2024 is a significant year for Atrangii, with several flagship shows in the pipeline. We are confident that ‘Baghin’ will set a new benchmark in storytelling.

Nivedita Basu, Senior Vice President Group, Atrangii on the show launch shared, “Stories of shapeshifters have always held a fascinating appeal for the audience, and ‘Baghin’, with its unique storyline where the heroine is possessed by the spirit of a Baghin (a tigress), is set to be a landmark show in storytelling. We are hopeful that the show will receive immense love from the audience, enabling us to start working on ‘Baghin 2’, for which we already have a compelling story in place.”

‘Baghin’ will be an experience that promises to redefine the norms of Indian OTT entertainment. With a star-studded cast and a gripping narrative, this show is all set to excite the viewers. Get ready to watch ‘Baghin’ on Atrangii OTT exclusively from February 8th.

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