Anjali Tatrari opens up on her transformation for Vanshaj, says, “I get more content for Instagram”

Anjali Tatrari, renowned for her portrayal of Yuvika in Sony SAB’s series Vanshaj, has been capturing audiences’ hearts with her exceptional performance. Despite the unconventional storyline of the show, Anjali has received widespread acclaim for her portrayal. While viewers have adored her as Yuvika, it’s her character’s remarkable transformation that has sparked curiosity.

India Forums had the privilege of an exclusive conversation with Anjali, where she shared insights into the show, her character’s evolution, and much more. During the interview, the talented actress opened up about her experiences and the intricacies of her role.

People are loving your show, how overwhelming does all this love feel?

You know I have always said this, ‘fans make you who you are.’ Obviously at the end of the day it is your hard work too but the acknowledgment, the love that you get from the fans is something that motivates you, charged you up. And the set of audience that I have, the educated audience that I have, you know they sort of realise the minute of things that I do when I am performing a scene and what I should be doing. The audience notices everything and it is so overwhelming, I can’t explain it in words. I have no words to thank people who have been making such lovely edits and how people keep saying that they are loving Yukti because she is such a badass and how they like the character. So yes, I am overwhelmed with all the acknowledgment.

Your new look is totally different from your old one. How much are you enjoying the same?

Oh ya, my new look is more sassier and new, you know the not done before types. I have started applying different liners and I have started to do such good makeup, we keep on trying different looks. With Yuvika there was not much to do so we opted for no makeup makeup looks most of the times but Yukti is all out. So we apply different eye liners, we do different hair styles, the amount of good clothes that we are getting. As actors aapko reels banani hoti hai (giggles) so usually with Yuvika’s character I could not do much. But Yukti’s character we are trying out so much. I’ve worn sun wear, we have worn different kind of clothes like blazers and dresses so I am absolutely enjoying because I am also getting a lot of content for Instagram.

The track of the show is way different from the ongoing shows on tv and as much as it keeps the audience hooked, Do you too as an actor await the forthcoming track?

You’re right the current track of the show is absolutely amazing and something like this has not been done before. I absolutely look forward to such tracks you know, I feel an actor always grows out of their comfort zone. Since I was playing Yuvika Gor the past 9 months, I had gotten comfortable and so much into the skin of Yuvika that I felt like I had experienced all the layers of her. Cut to this new character, it is as good as setting up a new show, setting up a new character and it also helps you as an actor to grow and get out of your comfort zone. I as an actor believe that you have to once in a while get out of your comfort zone to grow. So I absolutely look forward to such tracks, you know there is also a kind of humour that has been added to Yukti’s character and I am playing two characters at one time and there is so much to do as an actor, I am absolutely loving it. I am playing both Yuvika and Yukti and both of them are completely different, it is so much fun to perform both these characters. The writing is amazing, so completely looking forward to more such tracks.

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