Anupamaa: Aadhya expresses discontent to Anuj for prioritising Anupama’s assistance over hers

The popular Star Plus serial “Anupamaa” recently took a significant leap forward in time, bringing about significant shifts in the storyline and cast. However, fans were left devastated by a surprising twist, as Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) experienced a heart-wrenching separation.

In the upcoming episode of “Anupamaa,” following Kinjal’s rescue from kidnappers, Anupama confronts Vanraj about the potential consequences had the goons harmed Kinjal, drawing on the painful memory of Samar’s death by gunshot. Kinjal urges Vanraj to contact Toshu, seeking reconciliation. Meanwhile, Aadhya expresses her grievances to Anuj about feeling neglected by him. Aadhya voices her dissatisfaction to Anuj, citing how he left her for Anupama’s aid, paralleling Anupama’s past choice to save Pari over her. Anupama resolves to make Holi a joyful occasion for the children and plans to impart its significance to Toshu.

In tonight’s episode of “Anupamaa,” Anupama reflects on the tendency of women to let others shape their stories. She advises Kavya and Dimple to prioritize self-care and consider their own needs amid family responsibilities. Meanwhile, tensions rise as Anuj overhears Aadya’s accusations against Anupama, prompting Shruti to ponder revealing Pakhi’s actions. Dimple confirms her feelings for Titu despite knowing Vanraj’s disapproval. As Biji learns about Yashdeep’s restaurant closure, Pakhi discusses her aspirations with Arush. Anupama prepares for Holi, but confrontations ensue with Vanraj over Paritosh’s situation. Ishani’s efforts to bond with Pakhi face resistance, and Anupama navigates a delicate situation with the Shah family. Amidst it all, Anuj encounters various family members, hinting at further complications to come.

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