Anupamaa: Anupamaa and these family members to meet with an accident

Anupamaa’s upcoming episode on Star Plus promises a major twist as the central character, Anupamaa, faces an unexpected accident.

The storyline unfolds as Anupamaa, Kinjal, Choti Anu, and Pari meet with a mishap, where Anupamaa emerges as the saviour for the others.

The ongoing narrative has Vanraj proposing a surprising demand to the Shah family, urging them to cut ties with Anupama for good. Shockingly, Baa supports Vanraj in this decision. However, the upcoming drama takes a different turn when Anupamaa, despite facing restrictions, expresses her determination to attend Pari’s birthday celebration at the Shah house.

Kinjal has already been seen returning to the Shah house for Pari’s birthday and her intention to invite Anupamaa. She emphasizes that the celebration holds meaning only with Anupama’s presence. Vanraj attempts to restrain her, but Anupamaa confides in Anuj about her resolution to be part of Pari’s birthday. As this unfolds, Choti Anu appears discontent, witnessing Anupamaa’s determination to be a part of her family’s joyous occasions, despite Vanraj’s efforts to limit her involvement.”

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