Anupamaa: Dimple decides to reveal her past trauma to Titu

tonight’s Anupamaa episode, Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) plans to visit Aadhya, but Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) intervenes, reminding him that Aadhya has grown up. Anuj expresses his gratitude to Anupama for her support with Aadhya. Anupama advises Anuj to look after Aadhya as she heads to the restaurant. Anuj asks her to wait until he returns with Shruti from the hospital, and Anupama agrees. She reflects on how mothers understand their children’s growth while fathers sometimes struggle to accept it. Meanwhile, Dimple and Titu enjoy some quality time together. When Titu holds Dimple’s hand, she recalls Leela’s warning. Titu offers to drop Dimple home, but they are both startled by the appearance of a goon.

As Anupama waits for Anuj and Shruti, she feels excited about her restaurant’s reopening. She receives a message from Yashdeep. When Aadhya cries in pain, Anupama comforts her and helps her fall asleep. Yashdeep informs Anupama that the restaurant is packed and urges her to come quickly. Anupama explains that Aadhya is unwell and she needs to stay with her. Yashdeep insists she hurries, as customers are asking for her presence. Vikram also pressures Yashdeep to call Anupama, who is unable to manage the crowd alone.

Dimple’s past trauma:
Dimple asks Titu to turn back, but when she sees the goon, she is petrified by memories of a past traumatic incident involving the same individual. A heated confrontation ensues, and the goons attack Titu. He urges Dimple to flee, but she is frozen with fear. Adhik arrives at the right time and helps Titu fight off the goons. Titu explains to Adhik that Dimple was shocked to see the goon, only to find Dimple unconscious. While Adhik tends to Dimple, Titu fetches water for her.

When Dimple regains consciousness, she confides in Adhik that Titu is unaware of her past, leaving Adik in shock. Elsewhere, Vikram insists Yashdeep call Anupama as soon as possible. Anupama arrives at the restaurant and apologizes to Yashdeep for the delay. Yashdeep reminds her of their partnership and stresses the importance of her presence in avoiding losses, with Anupama reassuring him. Kinjal and Toshu visit Anupama, and Toshu expresses his willingness to work as a waiter. Anupama hopes he will put in the effort. She again apologizes to Yashdeep, who grows angry upon seeing Anuj’s call.

Toshu joins as a waiter:
Toshu feels uneasy in his role as a waiter, but Anupama encourages him. Rahul, another waiter, is visibly tense, and Vikram questions him. Rahul makes a comment about nepotism, feeling that Toshu received the job without effort or training. Rahul’s anger towards Paritosh grows. Vikram argues that Paritosh, an MBA holder, is starting from the bottom, indicating there is no favouritism. Despite this, Rahul remains envious.

Adhik advises Dimple against sharing her past with Titu, fearing his reaction. However, Dimple insists on telling Titu the truth. Meanwhile, Titu receives a shocking call about someone being released from jail.

Leela is upset about Dimple and Titu being together, but Hasmukh reassures her that Adhik is with them. Toshu feels awkward working as a waiter and shares his discomfort with Anupama, who motivates him.

Precap for the next episode:
Yashdeep blames Anupama for ruining his restaurant, and her trophy is taken away.

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