Bhagya Lakshmi actress Maera Mishra is set to get engaged to beau Rajul Yadav

Actress Maera Mishra, currently gracing the screens in Bhagya Lakshmi, is poised to embark on a new chapter in her life as she prepares for her engagement to her partner, dermatologist Rajul Yadav, set to take place on April 24 in Delhi. Excitedly, in a conversation with one of the leading portals, she reveals that preparations are well underway, with her fellow actors eagerly preparing to join the engagement festivities and perfecting their acts. With a grin, she discloses that a surprise performance has been meticulously planned for Rajul.

Their journey together began unexpectedly when they crossed paths at a wedding in Mumbai on December 1, 2022, and later reunited at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration the following day. Recalling those initial encounters, Maera recollects that from the moment she met Rajul, she felt he held a significant place in her life. She wasn’t inclined towards frivolous connections, understanding the scarcity of time in today’s hectic world. Thus, they both embraced full commitment. Despite the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship, with Maera residing in Mumbai and Rajul in Delhi, they prioritised regular visits to nurture their bond before embarking on any major decisions.

Bhagya Lakshmi actress Maera Mishra is set to get engaged to beau Rajul Yadav
Actress Maera Mishra to Get Engaged to Dermatologist Rajul Yadav
Maera hadn’t actively sought out a romantic connection, and she had reservations about dating someone within the industry. However, Rajul’s genuine demeanour and sincerity won her over. Her parents hold him in high regard, and he’s the first gentleman her mother has had the pleasure of meeting. Their decision to get engaged signifies a mutual desire to formalise their commitment.

While the wedding date remains undecided, the couple aims to tie the knot early next year. Maera plans to relocate to Gurgaon, where Rajul resides, after marriage. Balancing her acting career with her personal life, she intends to shuttle between Delhi and Mumbai. Additionally, she contemplates exploring freelance opportunities in the interior design and makeup sectors in Delhi.

As Maera and Rajul embark on this new journey together, Team India Forums extends warm wishes to the couple.

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