Bhagya Lakshmi: Will Rishi and Lakshmi to reunite to save Rohan and Parvati?

Aishwarya Khare (Lakshmi) and Rohit Suchanti (Rishi), popularly known as #RishMi from Zee TV’s Bhagya Lakshmi, have captured the hearts of the audience and become household names in the industry. In the recent episodes, viewers got to watch how Rishi and Lakshmi are preparing for Rohan’s (Shreyansh Kaurav) and Parvati’s (Trisha Sarda) annual day by taking them shopping, respectively. While the whole family is also in the mall, Lakshmi and Rishi run into each other, and she questions him about getting married to Malishka (Maera Misshra).

However, in the garment store, amidst the conversation between Rishi and Lakshmi, Rohan and Parvati go together in the kids’ section to pick some clothes for themselves. But, in a shocking turn of events, the kids end up getting kidnapped.

What will happen next? Will Lakshmi and Rishi come together to find and rescue their kids? Will this lead to #RishMi re-uniting for good?

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