Bigg Boss 17: Kitchen shut down after intense clash between Arun and Anurag

In tonight’s electrifying episode of COLORS ‘BIGG BOSS,’ the Diwali festivities took an unexpected turn as a fiery confrontation unfolded between Arun Srikant and Anurag Dobhal. Tensions flared when a comment on Anurag’s character was made by Arun led to a heated argument between them. This escalated into a clash in the kitchen where Arun referred to Anurag as ‘Anaadi.’ In a fit of anger, Anurag broke a mug in the kitchen, prompting BIGG BOSS to announce that the kitchen will be closed now.

A twist unfolded as Bigg Boss announced the reshuffling of housemates into different Makans. Vicky’s cheerful gratitude for being assigned to the Dimaag room took a toll on Ankita, triggering an intense argument. Amidst shouts by Ankita, she is seen visibly upset and questions Vicky why he is so happy about leaving the Dil Makaan.

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She shouted at him and ask him to forget their marital bond within the house. Ankita blamed Vicky and said he is very vicious and he has always used her. This made Ankita sad, and she started crying alone in the garden area. The looming question now is whether this clash will drive them apart, leading to the potential end of their marriage, or if it will serve as a making of a deeper connection amidst the challenges of the Bigg Boss journey.

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