BREAKING: Contrary to reports, The Marvels to share shows with Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 in IMAX screens; to take advantage of Tiger 3’s Sunday release and go for wide screen count for the first two days

There have been reports floating in media circles that The Marvels won’t get a release in the IMAX screens in India since Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 has snatched away shows in the premium screens. Bollywood Hungama has learned that this is not the case.

A source told Bollywood Hungama, “The Marvels will share shows with Tiger 3. But contrary to certain reports, it’s not like it’ll skip a release in IMAX. Marvel and IMAX have a long association and there’s no way an MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) film would not release in IMAX screens in India.”

Further talking about the screen count, the source added, “Tiger 3 releases on Sunday, November 12. The Marvels, meanwhile, will hit the theatres on Friday, November 10. The Marvels will take advantage of Tiger 3’s Sunday release and go for a wide release for the first two days in all languages and all formats.”

The source continued, “The shows will obviously reduce once Tiger 3 arrives in cinemas on November 12. But the Disney team is confident that by then, word of mouth will spread and they’ll get the audience in hordes once the holidays begin from Monday, November 13.”

An exhibitor reminded, “This also happened last year during Diwali 2022. Warner Bros’ Black Adam was released on Friday, October 21. It had a wide release before Ram Setu and Thank God released on Tuesday, October 25. By then, it collected a healthy Rs. 23.50 crores in four days and continued to earn thereafter as the positive reports of the film were out.”

He added, “The Nun II also clashed with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan in September this year and still was a hit. The Marvels can also follow suit if the content is strong.”

Meanwhile, the advance booking of The Marvels began today. Tiger 3’s ticket sales will start on Sunday, November 5.

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