COLORS Gujarati’s new series, ‘United State of Gujarat’ – A family drama intertwining cultural exploration wit

Colors Gujarati is raising the bar by serving ‘Assal Gujarati Nu Assal Entertainment’, bringing stories deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of vibrant Gujarat, celebrating its rich heritage with authenticity and flair. Staying true to the brand’s promise through the latest promo of its new show ‘United States of Gujarat’, audiences will witness Kay, (played by Sana Shaikh) embarking on a heartfelt journey to discover her roots, uniting her mother Yamuna (played by Ami Trivedi) and Baa (played by Ragini Shah).

While the show will showcase the perfect family drama and dive into different dynamics within the family, the audiences will also witness the blooming of a new khatta meetha connection between Kay (played by Sana Shaikh) and Keshav (played by Raj Anadkat), leading to guaranteed entertainment for the audiences. This journey promises a perfect family drama and cultural exploration, blending tradition with the heartfelt emotion of Vatt Thi Gujarati vs. Dil Thi Gujarati.

Playing the role of Sanskriti (Kay), Sana Shaikh mentions, “Kay is a character I personally resonate with, especially her strong roots in Gujarati culture and beliefs. We share many similarities – creativity, facing challenges, and embracing modernity while staying grounded. I am confident that the United States of Gujarat will be a good family entertainer that our Gujarati families will love.”

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