Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi: Zai to set Arya’s room on fire

Sony Entertainment Television’s captivating series, “Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi,” has held viewers spellbound with Arya’s relentless pursuit to uncover the truth about her father, plunging into a labyrinth of concealed truths and intricate relationships that have turned her world upside down. With the narrative now propelled forward by a 14-year leap, Arya’s journey is infused with a newfound sense of vengeance.

In an upcoming episode, a pivotal moment unfolds as Zai orchestrates a dramatic turn of events, attempting to end Arya’s life by setting her ablaze. Zai tells Arya that in her childhood, a girl came to their house who stole everything from Zai and tried to burn her alive. However, Zai asserts that she won’t let history repeat itself.

With a heart filled with vengeance, Zai pours kerosene, seals Arya within the confines of a room, and ignites the flames. Arya’s desperate pleas for aid echo through the engulfed space as she eventually succumbs to unconsciousness, trapped in the fiery turmoil orchestrated by Zai’s sinister intentions.

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