Doree: Doree forced to go to the Bal Sudhar Grah, Anand plans to kill her

Colors TV’s recently launched show ‘Doree’ is a social drama that revolves around a six-year-old girl, Doree, fighting against a patriarchal society. The show stars Mahi Bhanushali in the lead role. It also stars popular actors like Sudha Chandran, Anurag Sharma and Toral Rasputra in pivotal roles. Amar Upadhyay, who was also a part of the show recently bid the show an adieu.

In the upcoming episodes of the show the viewers will witness Doree being forced to go to the Bal Sudhar Grah. Anand on the other hand pledges that the van will not reach the correction facility, and Doree will be dead before that.

In tonight’s episode, Anand is both shocked and relieved to learn that his mother killed Ganga. Meanwhile, Komal and Raj discover a burnt room with pictures of the old Kailashi and Mahendra. On the other side, Anand and his goons hit Nani and other bunkars, Doree comes running home but hides upon seeing Anand. The situation takes a turn when Anand accuses Doree of attacking Mansi with a knife. In a surprising twist, Mansi agrees to Anand.

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