Drama takes place in Colors’ ‘Udaariyaan’ after a six-year leap; Anuraj Chahal and Aditi Bhagat reacts

In a surprising turn of events, the beloved Colors’ show ‘Udaariyaan’ embarks on an exhilarating leap of six years. Renowned for its gripping storyline, the series takes a significant turn in the lives of its characters, particularly Aasmaa (portrayed by Aditi Bhagat) and Armaan (brought to life by Anurag Chahal). Aasmaa, the show’s lead protagonist, welcomes twins Meher and Qudrat into the world, igniting a sequence of turbulent events.

Amidst the turmoil, a shocking twist unfolds as Qudrat is abducted and cast into a river by the conniving Alia (played by Alisha Parveen). However, Armaan emerges as the beacon of hope, valiantly rescuing Meher from impending danger and embracing her as his own daughter.

Following the leap, Meher and Qudrat find themselves enrolled in the same school, where fate intertwines their destinies, forging an unexpected bond of friendship. As the narrative unravels, the intricate dynamics between Aasmaa, Armaan, and their daughters take centre stage, promising an enthralling journey filled with emotions and revelations.

Talking about the leap, Anuraj Chahal says, “Udaariyaan has received immense love from the viewers, and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this show. As we embark on this new journey post-leap, I am genuinely excited for our fans to witness the unfolding storyline. I hope the viewers continue to shower their support.”

Aditi Bhagat adds, “Being a part of Udaariyaan and shooting in Chandigarh has been an incredible journey. The six-year leap feels like a new beginning, bringing significant changes in the lives of Aasmaa and Armaan. The sets come alive with the kids, ensuring there’s a lot of fun happening off-camera. The team has been working very hard to give the audience a new flavour that keeps them entertained. I hope our viewers enjoy watching us as much as they have been and continue to shower their love!”

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