Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Savi warns Chinmay that if anything happens to Shikha, she won’t spare him

Tonight’s Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode commences with Shikha imploring Yashwant to intervene and prevent Chinmay from taking the money. Yashwant dismisses her, refusing to discuss Chinmay. Undeterred, Shikha persists, emphasising that Chinmay is her husband and demands to know what’s in the box. Ignoring her, Yashwant calls for Asmita to remove Shikha from the situation, which she does. Surekha, also puzzled by Yashwant’s treatment of Chinmay, questions him, but Yashwant reacts angrily, shutting down any discussion about Chinmay.

Meanwhile, Chinmay negotiates with developers from Dehradun, arranging for the transfer of funds and property into his name. Savi (Bhavika Sharma) informs Chinmay via a message that she possesses his box and urges him to communicate privately.

Shikha attempts suicide by hanging herself:
Back at home, Ishaan (Shakti Arora) returns and notices Shikha’s distress. He inquires about the situation, prompting Shikha to reveal the injustices Chinmay has faced. Asmita also seeks clarification from Ishaan. Confused by Chinmay’s drastic actions, Ishaan ponders the reason behind his ultimatum. Shikha, feeling responsible, requests Ishaan to apologise to Savi on Chinmay’s behalf, as she couldn’t fulfil her promise. Overwhelmed, Shikha retreats to her room and attempts suicide by hanging herself.

Savi confronts Chinmay about his deceit, urging him to come clean to Ishaan, believing that Ishaan will advocate on his behalf to Yashwant. Chinmay, consumed by bitterness, blames Ishaan for stealing his identity and dreams, recounting how his parents pressured him to emulate Ishaan. Savi argues that the real fault lies with their parents for fostering such unhealthy competition. However, their conversation is interrupted when Savi receives a call from Asmita, alerting her to Shikha’s suicide attempt. Savi warns Chinmay that if anything happens to Shikha because of him, she won’t let him off the hook.

Savi urges Chinmay to confront his family with the truth:
Ishaan and Nishikanth rush to Shikha’s room, breaking down the door just in time to prevent her from hanging herself. Shikha, despondent, expresses her despair, believing her life has lost meaning without Chinmay. Savi and Chinmay arrive, and Chinmay questions Shikha’s actions, prompting her to declare her love for him. Savi emphasises that love can develop in an instant, urging Chinmay to reconsider his decision. After conversing with Shikha, Chinmay reluctantly agrees to accompany her. However, Ishaan interjects, warning Shikha not to place her trust in Chinmay, predicting that he will inevitably disappoint her once more. Savi implores Chinmay to shed his cowardice and confront his family with the truth.

Precap for the next episode:
Ishaan reveals a shocking truth to Savi, claiming responsibility for her family’s demise, leading to Savi’s declaration of hatred towards him before storming off.

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