Jhanak: Jhanak to get arrested

Star Plus’ latest show, “Jhanak,” featuring Hiba Nawab as Jhanak, Krushal Ahuja as Anirudh, and Chandani Sharma as Arshi, continues to captivate its audience with intriguing twists and turns. The compelling storyline promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to see how pivotal moments will shape the characters’ fates.

The current track focuses on a wedding drama in which Arshi is portrayed as the most deserving of Anirudh, while Jhanak has accepted that he will never be hers. In the upcoming episode, a major twist unfolds as the police arrive to arrest Jhanak.

The drama intensifies when Arshi’s saree catches fire, resulting in severe burns. The situation escalates further when Arshi’s mother, Shristi, files a complaint against Jhanak, leading to her arrest.

How will Anirudh react to this situation? Will he stand up for Jhanak once again?

Magic Moments Productions produces Jhanak. The show also has Kajal Pisal, Dolly Sohi, Sanjay Gandhi, Bharat Kaul, Sunny Sachdeva, and Sachin Verma playing the main characters.

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