Jigyasa Singh appreciates the magic of TV on the World Television Day

On the World Television Day, talented actress Jigyasa Singh who has left her mark on the silver screen through iconic characters, takes a moment to appreciate the magic of television and its impact on our lives.

Talking about what television means to her, the Thapki actor states, “Television is the ultimate entertainer, bringing laughter, drama, excitement and removing all the possible emotions from us right to our screens. It’s like having a magical storyteller in our homes. Plus, it introduces us to different cultures and perspectives, making the world feel a bit smaller and friendlier. So on World Television Day, we recognize its role in bringing cultures together, spreading awareness, and giving different voices a chance to be heard. Let’s give a high-five to our TV for keeping us informed, entertained, and connected to the amazing diversity of our world! I am glad to be one of the members from this fraternity”.

Jigyasa also emphasises on how TV has evolved over time. She says, “Today as we look at our modern-day TV, we see nothing less than a technological miracle. Decades ago, families would gather around the TV at the same time every week to watch a show together. Now, TV is available on the go—streaming on smartphones and tablets so that viewers can watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

The evolution of TV will intensify in coming years. With new technology and a push towards new forms of entertainment, TV will continue to transform into a personalized experience unlike anything we’ve ever seen”.

On the professional front, Jigyasa is known for her impeccable acting skills and her versatility. She has ruled the hearts of audiences for portrayal of Thapki and Heer”.

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