Junooniyatt: Jordan’s name accidentally inscribed on Elahi’s palm instead of Jahaan’s

Colors’ show “Junooniyatt” continues to captivate its audience with its intriguing plot twists and developments. The current storyline centres around a heated confrontation between Jahan and Jordan, during which Jahan fearlessly declares in front of a gathered crowd that she no longer considers herself Jordan’s wife. This revelation leaves Ilahi profoundly disheartened and shaken.

In the upcoming episodes, the drama intensifies during the Sangeet ceremony as Jordan cleverly diffuses the tension by explaining that “IJ” stands for Ilahi and Jahaan, and he proceeds to dance to the ‘Firecracker’ song, all the while keeping a watchful eye on Ilahi. Meanwhile, Dolly consults with the family pandit to arrange wedding rituals for Jahaan and Ilahi, leading to a shocking revelation for the couple as they overhear this conversation.

The drama doesn’t end there. During the mehendi ceremony, a surprising turn of events occurs when Jordan’s name is accidentally written on Ilahi’s palm instead of Jahaan’s. This unexpected occurrence leaves Dolly in shock, who interprets it as a bad omen.

Is this a part of Jordan’s new plan to claim Ilahi as his own?

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