Katha Ankahee: Viaan’s confession leaves Katha emotional

‘Katha Ankahee’ is Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering, a Hindi remake of the superhit Turkish drama “1001 Nights” (Binbir Gece). The show has made a remarkable impression on audiences with its appealing narrative based on a repentance love story that revolves around an irreversible mistake, creating a rift between Katha (Aditi Dev Sharma) and Viaan (Adnan Khan), but also keeping them bound. It showcases how love can flourish from the darkest moments. So far, viewers have witnessed how Viaan made a vacation plan with Aarav.

In the previous episode, Shamita storms out of Viaan’s cabin, rounding up everyone. She accuses Viaan of bribing her with money in exchange for one night with him. The company set up a core committee to reach verify the allegations. Katha gets appointed as the investigating officer on the matter but she hesitates to enquire about the same as in the past Viaan made a similar offer to her.

In tonight’s episode i.e. on 28th March 2023, Viaan will be seen denying that he never messaged Shamita, while Katha will snap at him and ask if he has never done something like this before; leaving him speechless. The other board member will also pressurize Viaan to respond to Katha’s question. Viaan will then admit that he has done this in the past. Katha will be shocked and emotional listening to Viaan’s honest confession.

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