Manav Gohil sheds 4 kgs for the stunning transformation into Ankush 2.0 in Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi

Sony Entertainment Television’s high-octane drama, ‘Dabangii – Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi’, recently took a 14-year leap. The show has kept audiences intrigued with the gripping narrative revolving around a grown-up Arya, who hopes to settle the score with Satya for her mother and Baba’s death. In the ongoing track, Arya (Rachana Mistry) is leaving no stone unturned to stop Satya (Aamir Dalvi) and Kasturi (Himani Chawla) from coming into power in the upcoming CM elections. Furthermore, Arya and Yug’s (Rrahul Sudhir) paths continue to cross, and they find themselves trapped by ruthless goons, culminating in a horrifying moment as Arya sustains a gunshot wound. Well, the drama is set to intensify further with the return of Ankush, who is now a fully transformed person, and he ends up saving Arya when she gets shot.

The charming Manav Gohil makes a dynamic comeback, transforming himself into the enigmatic Ankush 2.0. a former police officer turned sinister on a quest for revenge from his brother, Satya, using Arya as a pawn. Ankush’s character post-leap will see him embracing darkness, fearlessly navigating the blurred lines between good and evil with his emotionless demeanor and strikingly new look.

Talking about Ankush 2.0, Manav Gohil shares, “Ankush 2.0 is predominantly a changed person now. The incident that took place 14 years back has scarred him, turning him into a bitter person. His past made him realise that when he was righteous and law-abiding, he didn’t receive much in life and lost everything dear to him. So, he’s deeply hurt and has become emotionless, showing insensitivity towards people around him, including his own family. All that he lives for is revenge and making his brother, Satya, pay for his wrongdoings.”

Expressing his excitement about playing a grey character, Manav further added, saying, “As an actor, it is a pleasure to explore new roles, especially when the character changes so drastically. Audiences have loved Ankush as a good police officer but now he has gone rogue and presenting this new version of him is something I am really thrilled about. For Ankush 2.0, I have worked on myself where I have lost 4 kgs but gained muscle for the character. The difference in personality between the previous Ankush and now is stark, he’ll now don a rugged look with a beard. The creators have etched out the character well, and I hope to do justice to it. Ankush’s re-entry will leave everyone shocked, making people wonder about his whereabouts all these years, including Arya. This new look has a very Jawaan feel (laughs). On set as well, people say they like my look, and a lot of fans say the look is similar to that of Shahrukh Khan in Jawaan.”

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