Mera Balam Thanedaar: Veer stands up for Bulbul.

The TV show “Colors Mera Balam Thanedaar,” made by Shashi Sumeet Productions, has created buzz among the audience. The creators are working hard to keep the show exciting. The current story is about Geeta and Drishti going to Ajmer to find Bulbul. At the same time, Geeta worries about Bulbul’s age being revealed.

In the next episodes, there’s a big drama where Sulakshana scolds Bulbul for making too many kachoris, fearing they’ll be wasted. But Veer suggests giving them to NGO workers and kids to spread joy. When they leave, Bulbul’s birth chart falls from Sulakshana’s purse, surprising her. Sulakshana says Drishti gave it to her, and she calls a pandit to check Bulbul and Veer’s compatibility.

Later, Geeta and Drishti arrive, worried. Just as the pandit is about to check the birth chart, Veer steps in. He says he doesn’t believe in these practices and supports Bulbul.

Will the pandit’s verdict affect Bulbul and Veer’s relationship?

“Mera Balam Thanedaar” tells a story about a marriage built on a hidden truth that threatens to unravel their relationship. Shagun Pandey plays Veer Pratap Singh, and Shruti Choudhary plays Bulbul Rajawat.

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