Mishkat Varma: ‘We should never forget respect is a two-way street’

Prepare yourselves for an emotional rollercoaster as “Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon” sees Adhiraj and Kavya’s love story take a monumental turn when they get married, and Kavya decides to balance her personal and professional life. But her father-in-law, Girraj Pradhan, is hellbent on ensuring that she is unsuccessful, creating hurdles for her every step of the way.

Breaking away from stereotypical gender roles, Adhiraj emerges as an ideal husband, challenging societal norms and championing equality within the realms of marriage. In a bold move, the ongoing track at their wedding reception unveils a sinister act orchestrated by Adhiraj’s brother, Omi, who intoxicates Kavya’s father, Rajiv, and subjects him to public humiliation by dressing him as a woman and making him dance onstage. Adhiraj, however, rises to the occasion, standing firmly by Rajiv’s side. What follows is a remarkable display of solidarity as Adhiraj female clothing and takes to the dance floor, sending a powerful message that respect in relationships is a two-way street. His gesture not only defends the honour of Kavya’s father but also pays homage to all the women who selflessly fulfil the wishes of their loved ones.

Talking about the ongoing track, actor Mishkat Varma shares, “I believe love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. It’s very easy to take our partners and relationships for granted. But it’s crucial to stand for your partner and her family, even if it means standing against your parents to support them and their self-respect. When people start realizing that they are not just a Damad (son-in-law) but also their son, the dynamics will change profoundly. If women are expected to accept their husband’s family as her own, then men should equally take responsibility for their in-laws, showering them with the same love and affection that a bahu is expected to do. We should never forget that respect is a two-way street.”

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