Old Bigg Boss clip of Hina Khan goes viral amidst her cancer battle: Evokes emotional support from fans

Actor Hina Khan, currently fighting stage three breast cancer, recently shared a touching video on Instagram where she is seen getting a short hair cut. The video captures an emotional moment as her mother weeps in the background while Hina maintains a brave smile, showcasing her strength amidst adversity.

Hina revealed her cancer diagnosis on June 28 and has since been providing her fans with regular updates about her treatment. Amidst her ongoing battle, an old clip from Bigg Boss has resurfaced and is making rounds on the internet today.

Hina Khan’s old clip
In this clip, Hina is seen fondly speaking about the hard work she put into growing her hair to a longer length. She even mentioned that she would cry if anyone did anything to her hair. The clip then cuts to Bandagi Kalra cutting Hina’s hair for a task, after which Hina is seen sobbing uncontrollably in front of Vikas Gupta. The raw emotion in this clip is enough to make anyone teary-eyed.

From that day, where this brave woman sobbed uncontrollably over a haircut, to today, where she sportingly cut her hair short, Hina Khan’s journey is truly inspiring.

Fans Rally Around Hina Khan
Following the viral clip, fans couldn’t control their emotions and flooded social media with messages of support and love. One fan commented, “I remember she cried so much when Bandagi cut a strand of her hair in BB because she was growing it for a long time. And now she has to cut it off herself. Life really tests you sometimes. She’s being incredibly strong. God bless her and may she get well soon.”

Another fan wrote, “That pain behind her smile,” while a third fan wrote, “You are very brave and you are inspiring all of us.”

Hina Khan’s experience, from her emotional moments on Bigg Boss to her brave fight against breast cancer, has touched the hearts of many.

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