Pandya Store is going off-air; Rohit Chandel and Sagar Parekh confirm

Pandya Store, starring Rohit Chandel (Rohit Chandel) and Priyanshi Yadav (Priyanshi Yadav), is a beloved destination for fans of Hindi soap operas. The show, which has just undergone a seven-year leap, is captivating viewers with its compelling storylines and intriguing characters. Following the leap, the storyline now revolves around Natasha and Dhawal living separately.

However, there has been speculation surrounding the show going off-air due to the low performance in the TRP charts. To seek clarification on the same, team India Forums contacted Rohit Chandel (Dhawal) and Sagar Parekh (Shantanu). Confirming the news, both actors expressed their acknowledgement.

While confirming the news, Sagar Parekh, in particular, lamented, “Yes, sadly.”

For the uninitiated, Priyanshi Yadav and Rohit Chandel are the leads of the show. The show recently took a seven-year leap, with Falaq Naaz taking up the role of Hetal Makwana and replacing Bihu. Sagar Parekh joined the show to play Shantanu, the character who develops feelings for Natasha. After the leap, the storyline shifted to Natasha and Dhawal living separately. Dhawal accuses Natasha of Amrish’s death, leading Natasha to relocate to Mumbai, while Dhawal ascends as a business tycoon. In the current storyline, Natasha, who has lost memories, is with Shantanu, who calls her by the name of Bittu.

Currently, the show has kept the lovers of Pandya Store on the edge of their seats by showing Natasha’s visit to the Makwana house. Although the storyline after the leap started to grip the audience, it’s unfortunate that the show is going off-air. If the reports are to be believed, Ankit Gupta and Rutuja Bagwe’s upcoming show Maati Se Bandhi Door is going to replace Pandya Store.

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