Pandya Store: Natasha faces Amrish’s questions regarding her job’s application

Tonight’s episode of Pandya Store begins with Chiku (Sahil Uppal) introducing Isha to Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav). They overhear Suman (Krutika Desai) questioning Isha about her relationship with Chiku and whether they plan to get married. Chiku reveals that Isha is the same person who kidnapped Golu. Isha explains to Suman that she is in a tough situation, and Chiku has helped her, but she knows nothing beyond his name. Natasha scolds Chiku for implicating Isha in Golu’s kidnapping. She accidentally mentions having evidence of her innocence, which piques Chiku’s interest. He questions if Natasha is facing difficulties with her in-laws again, but she avoids giving a clear answer.

Chiku receives a call from a medical store regarding payment, and Natasha realizes that they are facing financial problems despite having a Pandya store. She worries about their future when the store is gone, but Chiku reassures her and promises to manage Suman’s expenses. Natasha embraces Chiku and asks him to take care of himself. As Natasha departs, she can’t help but cry helplessly. Dhawal calls Chiku and inquires about Natasha’s whereabouts. Chiku informs him that she left a while ago. However, Dhawal decides not to reveal this to Chiku, as he fears it might create more trouble, so he lies and says that Natasha has just arrived.

Meanwhile, Natasha contemplates getting a job, as she doesn’t want to rely on the money given by Dhawal. She decides to contact the Garba organizers and request CCTV footage to prove her innocence. Natasha invents a story about losing her earrings during the event and asks a staff member for the footage. Dhawal realizes he needs to find Natasha. Surprisingly, Natasha returns home. Dhawal questions her about her late return and the missed dinner, to which Natasha responds that she forgot to cook and rushes to the kitchen. Dhawal teases her by munching on chips.

Natasha receives a call from Chiku, and she inquires about Suman’s health. Chiku mentions that some tests are recommended, and they’ll know more after that. Natasha tells Dhawal that she needs some time to discuss the Pandya Store with Suman. Dhawal agrees and mentions that he’s not as bad as she thinks. He asks her to pick up vegetables from Hetal. While Natasha is out, she gets a text from Hetal’s brother, informing her that their mother is admitted to the hospital in critical condition and requesting financial assistance. Hetal rushes to check her savings and realizes that the amount is insufficient. Pranali and Dolly console Hetal and suggest that Amrish could provide the needed money. Natasha overhears their conversation and feels helpless, knowing that she cannot help Hetal even though she wishes to.

During dinner, Amrish questions Dhawal about not giving money to Natasha due to her financial constraints. He reveals that Natasha is looking for a job and has even applied at their office, which surprises everyone. Natasha asserts her right to work and states that she cannot rely on their money, as Pandya Store is going to them. An argument ensues between Natasha and Amrish, with Natasha insisting on working. The episode concludes with Amrish refusing to let her do so.

Precap: Natasha tells Amrish that she has evidence from the Golu kidnapper and shows a photo of the Makwana brothers. She challenges Amrish to confess his truth or warns that she will do it herself.

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