Pukaar dil se dil tak: Saraswati discovers Digvijay’s role in Gautam’s death

Sony Entertainment Television’s riveting family drama, ‘Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak’, is a compelling narrative about love, loss, and redemption. Set against the backdrop of Jaipur, the show traces the journey of a mother and her two daughters, who are tragically separated by a wicked scheme. As fate would have it, the paths of Saraswati, Vedika, and Koel will unknowingly converge once again, and together, they must confront the forces who tore their family apart.

In the previous episode, viewers witnessed how Gautam died in the accident, and Saraswati survives, but the girls go missing. Rajeshwari orders her boys to find the kids.

In the upcoming episode during the mourning ceremony for Gautam, Saraswati, devastated by his death, claimed in front of everyone that it wasn’t an accident but a planned murder. A family member then brought the servant to Saraswati. In anger, Saraswati slapped the servant and demanded to know who ordered him to kill Gautam. The servant pointed to Digvijay, leaving Saraswati shocked. Will Saraswati take strick actions against Digvijay and Rajeshwari?

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