Pushpa Impossible: Pushpa finds out Sujata’s husband is Narhari Bapodra

Sony SAB’s show Pushpa Impossible keeps drawing in viewers with the heartwarming story of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) as she faces tough challenges in life but keeps on going with a strong and inspiring attitude. Recently, the audience saw that Deepti (Garima Parihar) wanted to divorce Ashwin (Navin Pandita); however, after Pushpa and her lawyer Devi’s (Urvashi Dholakia) suggestion, the duo decided to opt for the six-month cooling period to see if they could work on their issues.

In the upcoming episode of Pushpa Impossible, Swara shares with Dipti that she wants to stay with Pushpa. Meanwhile, Bapodra asks Pushpa to accompany Sushila for her sonography. Sonal is happy because Dipti has received a job offer as Vice President at Maxworld Constructions. Saran tries to explain to Ashawari how broken Ashwin is and how it is impacting his family.

Pushpa is surprised when she sees a file for a patient named Sujata Bapodra. She is shocked to read that Sujata’s husband is Narhari Bapodra. Dipti goes for her interview at the construction firm but finds herself in a dilemma about whether to take the lucrative job or become a responsible parent. Meanwhile, Rashi is working on bringing Chirag and Ashwin together.

Current track:
In tonight’s episode, Pushpa approaches Saran and requests his help in assisting Ashwin. However, Ashwin adamantly refuses any counselling help. Prarthana insists to Chirag that she will leave alone, feeling somewhat resentful towards Pushpa for intervening in what she believed was her decision. Pushpa’s actions leave Prarthana upset as she departs, feeling denied the opportunity to live separately with Chirag.

Meanwhile, Ashwin pleads with Ashawari for forgiveness. Bapodra and Chirag argue about allowing Prarthana to leave on her own terms. Pushpa grapples with the aftermath of Prarthana’s departure, while Rashi handles Pushpa’s emotional distress with maturity. Witnessing Rashi’s growth, Pushpa appreciates her daughter’s development.

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