Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan stuntman praises the actor’s humility: “He asked me how I am going to do that stunt and checked on the safety”

As reported by Indian Express, a video is doing the rounds of social media where Saddam calls Shah Rukh Khan the ‘sweetest banda’. He shared in Hindi, “The heroes I work with are usually rough, who come and say I will do this and that. But he was not like that. He asked me how I am going to do that stunt, and checked on the safety. He was worried that I would get hurt and I briefed him about how it was safe.”

The stuntman said that SRK would initiate conversations to discuss stunts on the Jawan set. He, infact, checked on Saddam after the shot. “Tu thik hai? (Are you okay)” he asked. “Also, if the shot went wrong, he would immediately say it was his fault. I was amazed at what kind of a star he is. SRK is really different from anyone I have worked with,” Saddam added.

For the unversed, a source has earlier informed Bollywood Hungama about his decision to bring the film in September 2023, to get a clear run till the release of Salaar. “Shah Rukh Khan wants to come in a clear window and not be one of the many in the crowd. He is a lion by heart and wants things to be in his focus. He believes September will do justice to the release of Jawan,” the source revealed.

The film will also feature Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi. The action drama will be released in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

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