Shanivaar Ka Vaar brings Cricket Fever and Farrey cast to the COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’

In tonight’s captivating episode of COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS,’ the stage was graced by the dynamic cast of ‘Farrey’ and the talented MC Stan for the ‘Shanivaar Ka Vaar.’ MC Stan took center stage, delivering an amazing performance of the movie’s title track which prompts Salman Khan to inquire about his feelings returning to the Bigg Boss stage. Reflecting on his post-Bigg Boss journey, MC Stan shares how winning the show has changed in the way of thinking in his life.

MC Stan offers a piece of advice to fellow contestant Munawar, to play a strategic and sharp game to win the season. Later, inside the Bigg Boss house, a delightful banter unfolded with the star cast of ‘Farrey’. Alizeh Khan engaged Mannara Chopra in a light-hearted exchange, querying how she finds their vibe. Mannara response that she finds their vibe undeniably cool. The episode thus unfolded with a perfect blend of entertainment, insight, and togetherness.

Whereas the entire nation geared up for the thrilling finals of the World Cup, Salman Khan brings the cricket fever to the Bigg Boss house in a spectacular fashion. Stepping into the house with a cricket bat in hand, Salman announces that the “India Fever” has taken over, leaving no room for the house to be excluded. Lighting the excitement within the contestants, he plays a lively and spirited cricket match right there in the Bigg Boss garden area. The housemates, caught up in the fervor, cheers with enthusiasm, sending their best wishes to Team India for the crucial match. The Bigg Boss house resonates with the spirit of cricket, seamlessly blending the excitement of the World Cup finals with the captivating drama of the reality show.

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