Superstar Singer 3: Sukhwinder Singh applauds Avirbhav’s effortless singing

Superstar Singer 3 continues to captivate audiences with its incredible talent. This week, the singing reality show will present an enthralling episode featuring the legendary singer Sukhwinder Singh.

In this special episode, contestants will perform Sukhwinder Singh’s iconic songs, celebrating his illustrious career. The legendary singer will not only be mesmerized by the extraordinary talent on the show but will also share interesting anecdotes about his journey in the music world, making it a delightful watch.

However, 7-year-old Avirbhav S from Kochi, Kerala, will steal the spotlight with his soulful rendition of ‘Haule Haule’. Avirbhav’s magical performance will leave a lasting impression on the audience, the captains, and special guest Sukhwinder Singh.

Praising Avirbhav’s performance, Sukhwinder Singh exclaimed, “Avirbhav is so good with expressions in his singing; the romantic expression, he does it so well. The way he reached that scale was outstanding, and to top it all, the way he smiled while singing ‘Haule Haule’ made him look like Shahrukh Khan. His understanding of each note is amazing, and this is evident in his performance. His effortless and smooth singing will take him a long way.”

To witness these magical moments, tune into ‘Superstar Singer 3’ every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM, only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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