YRKKH: Unexpected twist at Ganghor; Ruhi receives Arman’s name, dupatta, instead of Abhira

Star Plus’s Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai continues to captivate its audience with twists and turns as its creators ensure the drama remains intense. The latest storyline revolves around Abhira and Ruhi being kidnapped, with Armaan coming to their rescue.

Following this, the narrative will shift to a festive mood as the Poddar family comes together to celebrate the Ganghor festival.

And we have already reported about how Abhira gets Armaan’s name embroidered dupatta to wear in the Gangaur festival, which has to make Abhira go blushing, but at the time, Ruhi is highly pissed and annoyed, and she steals Arman name embroidered dupatta to wear herself. Abhira desperately looks for that dupatta as if it is the most important thing to her. Abhira, in her search for a dupatta, is about to enter Ruhi’s room, where Ruhi is wearing that dupatta.

But the drama will not end here. It will happen that Charu and Kiara dance in the Ganghor festival as groom and bride, respectively. At the end of the dance, they offer the husband’s name embroidered dupatta to every lady in the house. However, instead of Abhira, they mistakenly offer Arman’s name embroidered dupatta to Ruhi. Even Ruhi raises her hand to pick it up, and everybody in the family, including Abhira, awkwardly and questioningly looks at Ruhi.

Will Ruhi pick and wear Arman’s name embroidered on a dupatta? How will Abhira and everybody in the family take it?

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