Anupamaa: Anupamaa prays to not bump into Aadhya and Anuj

Toshu is washing dishes and remembering Kinjal’s words. He hopes Kinjal won’t bring their mom home because he doesn’t want her around. Meanwhile, there’s an event they’re supposed to participate in, but the restaurant fire might affect it. Anupama suggests they go ahead with their stall to attract new customers. Yashdeep worries about upsetting his brother if things go wrong, but Anupama feels optimistic.

Later, Kinjal is busy with work while Toshu plays video games. She asks him to take care of their sick daughter, Pari, but he argues that it’s the mother’s job. Anupama receives her recovered passport, thanks to Yashdeep, and feels hopeful about her future in America. Kinjal confronts Toshu about neglecting their daughter, leading to tension between them.

Anupama and Aadhya accidentally bump into each other, and Anupama learns that Anuj and Choti are in America. Meanwhile, Mahi doesn’t want to go to a hostel despite her strained relationship with her father. Anupama feels guilty for separating from her family but hopes they’re happy without her.

Aadhya returns home and considers telling Shruti the truth to keep Anuj away from Anupama. Anuj gets a call from Anupama, making Aadhya and Shruti curious. Later, Anuj and Yashdeep share a moment, but when Anuj senses Anupama’s presence, they share a tense gaze.

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