Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhira misses her exam, blames Ruhi and Surekha

The scene unfolds with Vidya inquiring from Armaan if he has spoken to Ruhi. He responds negatively but assures her that he will bring Ruhi back. However, Madhav intervenes, asserting that it’s not Armaan’s duty as Ruhi is Rohit’s wife. Vidya dismisses his interference, emphasizing the mother-son bond. Madhav challenges Vidya’s notion of motherhood, alleging that she and Maasa only showed Armaan affection as a favor, manipulating him into obedience and sacrificing his happiness. Despite Armaan’s defense, Madhav accuses Vidya of turning Armaan into a puppet. Tensions escalate as Armaan expresses his unwavering devotion to his mother, prompting Vidya to break down.

Meanwhile, Ruhi returns home distressed, encountering Manish. Choosing to hide, Ruhi refrains from adding to his worries. Armaan retreats to his room, advising Abhira to concentrate on her studies before feigning sleep. Abhira catches him messaging Ruhi, sparking a confrontation. Suwarna, reminding Armaan of his importance to the family, urges him to attend therapy sessions, warning Ruhi to be cautious to avoid emotional distress.

The next morning, Abhira prays at the temple, seeking justice against Yuvraj. Ruhi also prays, and a mishap during the temple visit leads to tension between Abhira and the family. At college, Abhira faces adversity during an exam, her papers accidentally burnt, jeopardizing her academic pursuits. Meanwhile, Charu, mistaken for Abhira, encounters her boss, Dev Shikhawat, leading to a comical exchange.

Returning home, Armaan presents Abhira with a gift but learns of her exam troubles. A phone call exposes the sabotage of Abhira’s assignment, leaving Armaan stunned. Abhira blames it on Ruhi and Surekha leaving Armaan shocked.

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