Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Savi confronts Sam with a slap

The Hindi TV series “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin”, airing on Star Plus, continues to captivate its audience with its captivating storyline. The current plot centers on Ishaan’s (Shakti Arora) request for Harini to perform a song at Durva’s engagement.

In tonight’s episode, Durva welcomes Savi (Bhavika Sharma) to the engagement, but tensions rise when Ishaan apologizes for a previous incident. Surekha intervenes, discussing potential support for new artist Harini, causing discomfort. Despite this, Harini triumphs over fear, delivering an impressive Gayatri Stotram performance. Shantanu can’t attend due to Isha’s illness. Surekha spots Revati, Ishaan’s potential match. The event lightens as Savi discusses the significance of the Kojagiri Purnima fast. A water ritual unfolds, and Ishaan’s distraction leads to a momentary vision of Reeva. Harini’s singing and a mishap with Savi create a spectacle. Asmita praises Harini, but Surekha and others insult her, leading to an unexpected turn.

In the upcoming episode of “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin,” Surekha hands an envelope to Harini, stating they’ve given her the deserved amount. Harini opens it, only to find a one-rupee coin falling out. Surekha insults Harini, offering a mere 1 rupee for her performance. Shocked, Savi stands beside Harini while Surekha smirks. Savi holds Harin’s hand and takes her away from the function. As they leave, Sam and his family approach from outside, unknowingly missing each other due to the crowd. Savi, suspicious, takes a U-turn and discovers Samarth is Durva’s fiancé. Realizing Samarth’s true colors, Savi confronts him just as they are about to exchange rings. She stops the ceremony, slapping Sam and causing a shock, especially for Ishaan.

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