Simaran Kaur is back on TV with Tose Naina Mila Ke

Simaran Kaur is a part of the love story Tose Naina Mila Ke. The actor speaks about taking up the project, its USP, what prompted her to take up the show, her character and so on.

“The show centres around two sisters: one is exceptionally fair, beautiful, and stunning, while the other sister doesn’t fit conventional beauty standards. I portray the former sister. Both sisters find themselves living under the same roof after getting married. In the show, I marry the younger brother, while my sister marries the elder brother. The concept is compelling, and the writing is excellent,” she says.

The show conveys a positive message to the audience that emphasizes that we are all beautiful in our way, according to Simaran.

“My character’s name is Hansini, and she is treated like royalty in her household. I have the opportunity to wear exquisite outfits that complement the character’s elegance,” she adds.

Tose Naina Mila marks Simaran’s return to television after a hiatus of 7-8 months. After her last show Agar Tum Na Hote got over, she was occupied with web shows and films.

“I wanted to explore other mediums as well. Being the lead in a show comes with great responsibility. The success of the show relies on your performance. Your fans become elated when they hear about a new show coming up. You aim to deliver the best to your audience and fans, and you’re dedicated to giving your all to keep them entertained, often giving more than 100%. We had gone for an outdoor shoot to the picturesque location of Wai, situated near Mahabaleshwar, and our primary goal was to capture the breathtaking natural beauty of the area, which is sure to enhance the show’s visual appeal. Every member of the team, including the actors, director, producers, and the entire crew, has poured their passion and dedication into bringing this show to life. During the shooting process, no effort is spared as we strive to create a memorable and exceptional production,” she says.

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