Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Armaan accepts that he feels like a failure for hating Abhira

Tonight’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode opens with Ruhi (Garvita Sadhwani) bringing a drunken Armaan (Rohit Purohit) home, causing concern among everyone. Dadi, alarmed, asks Ruhi if Armaan has been drinking, and Ruhi tearfully nods in confirmation. Manish urges Ruhi to come home, assuring her that her Bidaai will occur from their house. Ruhi, however, refuses to leave Armaan. Dadi reassures her that they will take care of Armaan for the night, and then she will be with him forever. Reluctantly, Ruhi leaves with Manish. Meanwhile, Krish and Manoj help Armaan to his room. Dadi overhears Armaan mumbling “Abhira” (Samridhii Shukla) in his drunken state and decides to talk to him later.

Armaan suddenly accuses Dadi of betrayal, accusing her of breaking his marriage to Abhira, along with his promises and their relationship. Dadi retorts that true relationships don’t have expiry dates. Armaan, growing more agitated, questions who gave her the right to break his relationship. Dadi justifies her actions, claiming she did it to save Madhav and Vidya’s relationship from falling apart because of Abhira. Armaan, however, calls out her lies, stating that she made a deal with Abhira to bring Madhav and Vidya closer, which she could have done earlier. Dadi blames Abhira for all their problems, leading to a heated argument between them.

Armaan expresses his love for Abhira:
Armaan expresses his frustration, revealing that his parents were never happy and that Abhira had exposed their issues, hurting Dadi’s ego. He declares that their family are frauds and shouldn’t be called lawyers. Dadi tries to silence him, but Armaan continues, admitting that they all mistreated Abhira, causing her pain. Despite being a top student, Armaan feels like a failure for hating Abhira based on Dadi’s influence. Dadi questions why Abhira keeps returning if she has self-respect, and Armaan reveals that Abhira loves him deeply.

Armaan reflects on Abhira, realising she genuinely cared about their family’s happiness, unlike Dadi, who only cared about appearances. He laments losing Abhira, recognising she was the perfect daughter-in-law and that her intentions were pure. Dadi suspects Armaan’s feelings for Abhira, and he reluctantly acknowledges his love for her.

Ruhi defends Armaan:
Abhira decides to leave for Mussoorie, doubting if she can stay and work in the same city, fearing encounters with Ruhi and Armaan. She convinces herself that Armaan doesn’t love her. At the same time, Ruhi accidentally drops some bangles. Manish and others arrive, advising her against marrying Armaan. Ruhi insists that the wedding preparations are complete and that the cards are distributed. Manish questions her reasons for marrying, while Suwarna expresses her discontent with Armaan’s drunken behaviour the night before the wedding. Ruhi defends Armaan, asserting that he doesn’t usually drink and that it was a one-time issue.

Manish remains sceptical and worried that Ruhi won’t be happy with Armaan. To prove her point, Ruhi shows them a video of Armaan praising her, highlighting her qualities as an ideal partner. Manish hopes her optimism holds true but warns her to brace herself for potential disappointment. Meanwhile, Armaan awakens and insists on speaking with Abhira, brushing off Dadi’s attempts to stop him.

Precap for the next episode:
In the precap, Abhira, on the verge of leaving, bids farewell to Armaan’s former home, professing her love for him one last time. Armaan, arriving in time, declares that he cannot marry Ruhi because he loves Abhira, leaving Ruhi in shock.

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