Bigg Boss 17: ‘Shukravaar Ka Vaar’: Drama unfolds as Isha Malviya faces the wrath of megastar Salman Khan

In a dramatic turn of events, COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’ arrives at ‘Shukravaar Ka Vaar’ and its Dabangg star Salman Khan drops a volley of reality checks, exposing the truth of the much-discussed love triangle involving Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, and Samarth Jurel. The dynamics within the trio take an eventful twist as the megastar confronts Isha for manipulating Abhishek and Samarth to get ahead in the game.

Isha’s efforts to have a cordial relationship with Abhishek while also getting closer to her current boyfriend, Samarth, raise many eyebrows. Salman points out how Isha seems to make everything revolve around her, using her relationships to create drama in the show. He also spotlights her strategy of sensationalizing her relationships for footage.

Making the vaar even more explosive, Salman doesn’t hold back in reprimanding Samarth for hurling expletives during a verbal spat. Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi gets an earful from the host for defaming Abhishek on national television. Will all the shocking revelations of the weekend alter the dynamics of the game in the BIGG BOSS house?

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